Noctis Traffic Lead
Noctis Traffic Lead
Noctis Traffic Lead
Noctis Traffic Lead
Ranger Green

Noctis Traffic Lead

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Style #L108

  • Quality Rock Climbing Rope 
  • 10 mm Black | 10 mm Ranger Green | 10 mm Mojave Orange
  • Oxide Metal "O"- Ring 
  • Bears Force of 500 kg
  • Leash measures from handle, all the way to end of carabiner 
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner
    - Lightweight weight only 24 g
    - Made of Aviation Aluminum 
    - Auto-Lock will prevent accidents on carabiner opening by itself 
  • Features a secondary traffic handle by the carabiner clip for more control
  • The perfect lead for service dogs all the way to city dogs that are constantly in crowded atmospheres 
  • This leash will keep your furry buddy right next to you, where they belong
  • Great for training purposes to "heel" and walk with you, not walk you
  • Traffic Handle measures about a foot from the end (not beginning) of the carabiner