The auto-locking carabiners on the Litto Howler leashes are all made of aviation aluminum and have superior corrosion resistance combined with great strength. Weighing at only 24 grams, this super light-weight feature on our leashes is strong enough to bear a force of up to 1100 lbs. This carabiner is the safest clip for a dog's collar or harness compared to a non-auto-locking carabiner that may accidentally be left unlocked.


Each Litto Howler leash features a swivel that's attached to the auto-locking carabiner. The 'Meka Double Leash' has a separate swivel apart from the one that's already attached to the carabiner; a feature that makes it the only double-leash on the market that is totally tangle-free, integrated with the safety that we provide. The swivels on our leashes only weigh 12 grams and can withstand up to 880 lbs. 


Not only are the Litto Howler leashes the most light-weight, safest and easy to use on the market; but the sleek and clean design is super stylish. Every piece of hardware on the Litto Howler leashes are custom-made and one of a kind pieces that are brought together to bring you the best dog leash you and your four-legged buddies can adventure with. This leash is made both for the outdoor and city adventures.

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