Our Values


We're an Asian American-Owned + Woman Owned Small Business with a small team of 80% family. When you support us, you're not just buying a leash for your dog. You're making our dreams come true, you're lifting up an entire community, you're helping us fight for those who do not have a voice, and you're allowing us to inspire other minority women who didn't think they can, believe that they sure can. We're not just a brand of dog leashes. Here at Litto Howler, we're passionate on making a difference in this space. We don't take shortcuts and deeply focused on sustainability and efficiency. 



We control our manufacturing from start to finish. This ensures the quality we have set for our products and sets the standard. This is our commitment to #LittoFam. Here at Litto Howler, there is absolutely no waste. Our leashes are handmade from start to finish. This means that real humans are making your leash, not machines. We continue to lead the charge on ethical production practices. We do the best we can to use biodegradable or recyclable packaging and continue to inspire our customers to reuse, reduce, and recycle.



Speaking of recycling, we run a Rep Recycling Program where our Reps can donate their gently used gear, and we'd up-cycle the product and donate it to a foster dog or animal shelter. This way, our Reps can enjoy new gear without having leashes they don't use in their closet. These leashes, collars, and other gear that are donated to a foster dog, will go home with the them when adopted so that they're set up for success. 



On top of our Rep Recycling Program, we really mean it when we say that one Litto Howler leash will last you a lifetime. Our leashes are extremely durable and created to last. But if there's any damages from puppy teething stages or accidents, we're here to repair it for you. We understand more than anyone else that sh*t happens. We offer in-store repairs/alterations for the locals to save on shipping. This would help in eliminating our carbon footprint that goes into back and forth shipping. But for those that aren't local, don't worry because repairs take a turnaround time of just 1-5 business days! 



Everything that we have in shop is made with an ethical and sustainable practice. The very climbing ropes are all made with sustainably in Europe. Yes, even the very apparel that we offer is mad ethically. Our apparel is made by 98% minorities that are also paid a living wage here in Los Angeles. The cotton from our garments are environmentally friendly grown, organic, and grown here in the USA.