Customer Reviews

"Anyone that knows us know that we swear by Litto Howler gear - Our leashes and packs have been with us through hikes in the rain, snow, sun, and everything in between. The auto-locking carabiners keep my dogs safe and secure, and the Meka Double-Leash keeps multi-dog households (like mine) sane and tangle-free. I love how versatile everything is - I use my leashes for casual neighborhood walks, on 46er summits, and even to hold sleeping bags on camping and backpacking trips with the pups. I use the Adventure Pack to hold treats and keys on short outings and training sessions, and swing the Explore Pack around my shoulder on longer trips. We have been and always will be loyal, avid lovers of all things Litto Howler."

- Natalie + Kobe, Earl and Evie (@doge_crew)


“I was introduced to Litto Howler from a friend on Instagram when I was in the market for a new collar and leash. I needed something strong that could handle a 70-80 lb Akita Pitbull mix. I put my first order in and continued to follow them on Instagram and was really impressed by their customer service and quick answers to any questions that I had. The love and dedication they put into their products. I now own almost every single gear that they offer and about 5 different leashes. If you want quality to keep your pup safe, you have come to the right place."

- Greg + Cleo (@cleotheakitamix)



"We’ve never found handier, hardier equipment than our Litto Howler gear. From the Monte Traffic Lead, with its auto-locking carabiner that gives me COMPLETE peace of mind when walking, to the classic Adventure Pack, the Mary Poppins of bumbags! I can carry everything I need (even the pups poop with my Litto Waste Holder!!), and at the same time know that my two pups will always be safe and secure when I clip on a Litto Howler leash. There’s no other gear I’d rather use for an adventure, a training session, or even a quick one round the park!"
- Amy + Pepper + Rocket (@roamwithpaws)


"As the owner of a reactive dog who used to drag me around, I can't imagine using any other leash. They're strong enough to withstand anything she can throw at me, thanks to the rock climbing rope and auto-locking carabiner. Litto Howler's other strength is in their versatility. The Kiko City Leash makes walking both my dogs around town easy because it keeps them in close - on a single leash! Yet it still works for a single dog: either a standard leash, or a traffic handle. Our Adventure and Explore pack are also life savers during our pack walks! I'm able to bring a spare leash, water bottle, treats, pet corrector, etc. in the Adventure pack alone!"

- Kayla + Mocha + Oakley (@apaw.aday)



"Above all, Litto Howler has impeccable quality, both in their products and customer service. Freyja and I use the Kenzo Connector and Noctis Traffic Lead daily. I absolutely love the versatility of the Kenzo Connector and use it around my waist for a hands-free walk. This has allowed us to step up our training game, especially with heeling. We use the Monte Traffic lead while at the beach, which allows her to be “off leash” with comfort because I can still quickly grab her if I needed to. The quality of these leashes are insane. Since using Litto Howler I can’t imagine reaching for any other leash."

- Carly + Freyja (@freyjathebuhund)


"I was introduced to Litto Howler from many friends when they first started and I was instantly drawn to the Kenzo Connector and Meka Double Leash for my two dogs. I was in search for the perfect double leash and felt like it was fate. The quality of all their products are amazing and has been consistent over the years. Our leashes are in pristine condition and we use them constantly. I love the versatility of all their products. The customer service is always top notch and they’re always willing to make sure you have a product that works best for you and your pups. I’ve asked for a customized/combined leash and it was never an issue. My pups and I love Litto Howler and really couldn't imagine a better company to purchase from and support!"

- Jiyawn + Jido + Podo (@jido.podo.theshibes)