Customer Reviews

“Why we love Litto Howler:
The quality of their leashes are like none other that Ive seen. Misha has chewed through leashes before as she sometimes thinks her leash is a toy and will tug on them, yet Litto Howler leashes have held up against her constant terrorism on leashesThe locking carabiner! This is my favorite part of these leashes! Walking dogs in Southern California, Ive actually had normal leashes pop off, as they get caught on other dogs or harnesses and unlatch! (I caught every dog that came off their leash.) It not only keeps Misha safe, its given me such peace of mind knowing that Rain is also safe! I dont have to worry about leash malfunctions with my Litto Howler leashes. Not to mention how many different uses they haveTheir gear is also super dope and I love slapping their stickers on all of my belongings and their packs are very handy for outings as well.

- Quinn + Misha (@sablewild)


"Anyone that knows us know that we swear by Litto Howler gear - Our leashes and packs have been with us through hikes in the rain, snow, sun, and everything in between. The auto-locking carabiners keep my dogs safe and secure, and the Meka Double-Leash keeps multi-dog households (like mine) sane and tangle-free. I love how versatile everything is - I use my leashes for casual neighborhood walks, on 46er summits, and even to hold sleeping bags on camping and backpacking trips with the pups. I use the Adventure Pack to hold treats and keys on short outings and training sessions, and swing the Explore Pack around my shoulder on longer trips. We have been and always will be loyal, avid lovers of all things Litto Howler :)"

- Natalie + Kobe, Earl and Evie (@doge_crew)