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"I can’t say enough good things about the quality and safety of my Litto Howler leashes. The auto-locking carabiners give me peace of mind that my pup who is deaf is always secure. Safety is a huge priority for me and to know she is safely secured is worth everything! The versatility of these leashes never ceases to amaze me and I love all the different ways I can use the pieces together. And their customer service is amazing to boot! Highly highly recommend!"
- Cailean + Babe (@babethedeafpup
"As a first time dog owner, I knew I needed only the best of the best for my puppy, Jaxxon. I came across Litto Howler when Jaxxon was about 4 months old, and purchased my first leash; The Noctis Traffic Lead. The leash is made with genuine rock climbing rope and comes with an auto-locking carabiner that can bear the force of over 1,100lbs (500kg) which makes accidents impossible. After purchasing an LH leash, I will never own anything else! Whether they are for hiking, walks, training, or used as seatbelts, the Litto Howler leashes are perfect for any occasion, keeping your pup safe everywhere they go! The leashes are well worth the price and the wait. LH offers so many other high quality products, for both you and your dog. And not only are the products amazing, but so is the customer service - and the #LittoFam community is unbeatable."

- Haley + Jaxxon (@jaxxonthegsd)

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 "I didn’t realize how important it was to pick the right leash. I got a generic one from a shop on Instagram and thought I was set. Little did I know, not only would I need something more to be able to use multiple hook ups, BUT the clip would fly off Luna’s collar with any small movement. This was terrifying for me as an owner to never know if Luna would disconnect and I couldn’t keep her safe.
In comes Litto Howler:
Talk about the only leash you’ll ever need. Not only is it made from durable climbing rope that is comfortable to hold and work with, they all have auto-locking carabiners so there is no way your dog will get out of this leash. I cannot see myself purchasing any other leash moving forward. Not to mention all of their attachments and accessories that make our long weekends of hiking so much easier. You can not go wrong with anything from this amazing creator!"
- Tiffany + Luna (@aussiedorable.luna)

"Anyone that knows us know that we swear by Litto Howler gear - Our leashes and packs have been with us through hikes in the rain, snow, sun, and everything in between. The auto-locking carabiners keep my dogs safe and secure, and the Meka Double-Leash keeps multi-dog households (like mine) sane and tangle-free. I love how versatile everything is - I use my leashes for casual neighborhood walks, on 46er summits, and even to hold sleeping bags on camping and backpacking trips with the pups. I use the Adventure Pack to hold treats and keys on short outings and training sessions, and swing the Explore Pack around my shoulder on longer trips. We have been and always will be loyal, avid lovers of all things Litto Howler."
- Natalie + Kobe, Earl and Evie (@doge_crew)

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 "As the owner of a reactive dog who used to drag me around, I can't imagine using any other leash. They're strong enough to withstand anything she can throw at me, thanks to the rock climbing rope and auto-locking carabiner. Litto Howler's other strength is in their versatility. The Kiko City Leash makes walking both my dogs around town easy because it keeps them in close - on a single leash! Yet it still works for a single dog: either a standard leash, or a traffic handle. Our Adventure and Explore pack are also life savers during our pack walks! I'm able to bring a spare leash, water bottle, treats, pet corrector, etc. in the Adventure pack alone!"
- Kayla + Mocha + Oakley (@apaw.aday)

"I didn't realize how much I needed Litto Howler gear until I starting using it! It's really hard to find strong, reliable, and durable gear that I can trust handling both my dogs. The biggest reason I invested in Litto Howler gear is because Lark had un-clipped from her old leash while having a reaction and started running off. At that moment, I realized I need better gear. I now own quite a bit if Litto Howler gear (for me and the dogs) and use all of it daily! LH leashes are the only leashes I use for my dogs because I KNOW that they cannot escape and I can feel more confident when walking and training with Lark especially. A really nice plus is that the leashes are super lightweight compared to other types of leashes we had in the past."
- Illeana + Lark + Julius (@thewanderingmutts_)

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