Customer Reviews

Photo Credit: @babethedeafpup

"I decided to buy a Litto Howler leash after one that I bought from a different business came undone - not just once, but three times. The stress and panic of those moments made it clear to me that Milo's leash is often his lifeline. We live in a city, near busy, unpredictable roads. Reliable gear is a necessity and LH fits that niche perfectly. The Kelso Hands-Free leash is our fave! I've literally taken my LH leash around the world and I hugely appreciate the versatility and safety it offers us. Beyond the leashes themselves, LH customer service lets me feel confident about my gear. Whenever I've had issues such as inputting the wrong address or receiving something in an incorrect size, I've been able to reach out and get help promptly - often within the same day. This has allowed me to make informed purchases because I know that if I have questions or need help, the LH team will be there to offer support!"
- Caitlin + Milo (@whats.the.pupdate)

"I have been using Litto Howler gear for a couple of years now, and I love everything I have from them. Their colors are stunning and it’s high quality gear I know I can trust. My dog Aspen is reactive and I’ve never had to worry about him getting loose when wearing his Litto Howler gear. Not only is the gear top notch, I also use my adventure pack every day with my pups. It fits a Stasher Bag perfectly so I can add in all my smelly delicious treats for the pups! And to top it all off, Jess, Isak, and Kayla are the kindest people around. I was lucky enough to meet them at the HQ and they were all so kind and helpful as I choose gear! They also have amazing customer service and have created a community out of their passion for safe dog gear! Overall this small business is a 5 billion out of 5 stars."
- Olivia + Aspen + Ember + River (@adventurin.with.aspen)

“If you own a dog, don’t look any further for dog gear. As a reactive dog owner and dog trainer, Litto Howler gear is the only gear that I trust for my dog and my clients. I have purchased so much gear from other companies and nothing compares to the quality and security I feel with using LH gear. Not only is their gear phenomenal quality and insanely beautiful, the customer service is unlike any other. Jess & Isak make you feel like a part of a family and truly spoil us with their talent and creativity!”
- Courtney + Noble (@courtneysbestfriendnoble)

Photo Credit: @loons.and.roogs

 "I didn’t realize how important it was to pick the right leash. I got a generic one from a shop on Instagram and thought I was set. Little did I know, not only would I need something more to be able to use multiple hook ups, BUT the clip would fly off Luna’s collar with any small movement. This was terrifying for me as an owner to never know if Luna would disconnect and I couldn’t keep her safe.
In comes Litto Howler: Talk about the only leash you’ll ever need. Not only is it made from durable climbing rope that is comfortable to hold and work with, they all have auto-locking carabiners so there is no way your dog will get out of this leash. I cannot see myself purchasing any other leash moving forward. Not to mention all of their attachments and accessories that make our long weekends of hiking so much easier. You can not go wrong with anything from this amazing creator!"
- Tiffany + Luna (@aussiedorable.luna)

"Anyone that knows us know that we swear by Litto Howler gear - Our leashes and packs have been with us through hikes in the rain, snow, sun, and everything in between. The auto-locking carabiners keep my dogs safe and secure, and the Meka Double-Leash keeps multi-dog households (like mine) sane and tangle-free. I love how versatile everything is - I use my leashes for casual neighborhood walks, on 46er summits, and even to hold sleeping bags on camping and backpacking trips with the pups. I use the Adventure Pack to hold treats and keys on short outings and training sessions, and swing the Explore Pack around my shoulder on longer trips. We have been and always will be loyal, avid lovers of all things Litto Howler."
- Natalie + Kobe, Earl and Evie (@doge_crew)

"I can’t say enough good things about the quality and safety of my Litto Howler leashes. The auto-locking carabiners give me peace of mind that my pup who is deaf is always secure. Safety is a huge priority for me and to know she is safely secured is worth everything! The versatility of these leashes never ceases to amaze me and I love all the different ways I can use the pieces together. And their customer service is amazing to boot! Highly highly recommend!"
- Cailean + Babe (@babethedeafpup

Photo Credit: @st.barlow

"As a reactive dog owner, having reliable gear means everything and Litto Howler gear has been that and more. After years of searching for a high quality and safe leash, I stumbled upon Litto Howler. This gear has been a complete game changer for our walks, hikes and daily outings. With LH gear I can confidently take Brewski out on any adventure and know that his leash would never detach thanks to the auto locking carabiner and that his leash would never break thanks to the high quality rock climbing rope. Now when I say that LH does more than just create the safest dog gear on the planet I mean that they have created an inspiring, supportive, creative community made up of the most badass dog owners. Recommending this small business is so easy because I truly believe that the gear they make is the safest and most reliable on the market."

- Kayla + Brewski (@dognamedbrewski)

"Searching for safe, durable and quality dog gear was overwhelming as a first time dog owner until I found Litto Howler. As an owner of two reactive dogs having reliable gear is a must! Litto Howler gear has provided me and my dogs the opportunity to safely navigate the world around us and for that I am forever thankful. Not only is the gear amazing but so is the customer service. Whether I am asking questions or need help Jess, Isak and Kayla are always timely, patient and genuinely happy to help in anyway possible. Litto Howler is also so much more than the safest leash on the planet. It is a community and it is a family filled with kindness, diversity, inclusion, inspiration and friendships that will last a lifetime."
- Annemarie + Murphy + August (@murphyxaugust)

"As a first time dog owner, I knew I needed only the best of the best for my puppy, Jaxxon. I came across Litto Howler when Jaxxon was about 4 months old, and purchased my first leash; The Noctis Traffic Lead. The leash is made with genuine rock climbing rope and comes with an auto-locking carabiner that can bear the force of over 1,100lbs (500kg) which makes accidents impossible. After purchasing an LH leash, I will never own anything else! Whether they are for hiking, walks, training, or used as seatbelts, the Litto Howler leashes are perfect for any occasion, keeping your pup safe everywhere they go! The leashes are well worth the price and the wait. LH offers so many other high quality products, for both you and your dog. And not only are the products amazing, but so is the customer service - and the #LittoFam community is unbeatable."
- Haley + Jaxxon (@jaxxonthegsd)

Photo Credit: @thecorgiprofessor

"I found Litto Howler last summer before the Fall Rep Search and was a little iffy about the leashes, especially the price. I finally ordered my first leash in November during the Fall Drop, and I can say I was won over when I received it! The quality is phenomenal as well as the hardware. Cloe loves trying to escape when she gets the chance and with my LH gear I don't have to worry about her getting loose and running off. I don't trust any other leashes now because of the high standard that LH has when it comes to making them. Safe to say, I'm now obsessed with Litto Howler and their gear, they have some pretty unique colorways as well as leash designs. I have several leashes and collars and will forever use them because I know they're the safest leashes and I don't have to worry about my leashes failing me."
- Kimi + Cloe (@akmuttcloe)

“I’ve found the dog gear I’m going to use for the rest of my life, and I truly mean that. My boys are very rough + tumble and this is the first gear to CONSISTENTLY stand up to our lifestyle while still keeping my boys safe. We’ve had lots of dog gear fall apart on us and even break, which is a HUGE safety risk. Litto Howler gear has NEVER let us down, and to be able to have that peace of mind is unbeatable. It's also impossible to portray how versatile these leashes and collars are. I’m constantly finding new and wonderful ways to change our set up. I couldn’t recommend this gear or the team behind it ENOUGH. To top it all off they have the sweetest color collection ”
- Kenzie + Goose + Wedge (@copilot_corgis)

" I discovered your products through a few friends of ours on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to the fact that your leashes were made with safety as a top priority. My Lab/Pit Mix is 55lbs with a high prey drive and lots of fears. She pulls hard when motivated or scared enough. The quality and extra detail you have put into your leashes have made us feel more confident that when she does pull, the leashes won't snap or the carabiner clips won't get undone. We also love the versatility of your leashes - we can mix and match the different styles and use them in different ways, just not for walking my dog. We currently have a Kenzo connector attached to a piece of furniture to help our new puppy learn 'place' command. The possibilities are endless. Your products have been a real game changer for us in our walks, training, and dog parent life, we can't thank you and recommend your product and business enough!"
- Sarah + Brad + Tarly + Max (

Photo Credit: @thejacksonpups

"Litto Howler is the only leash we will ever use and recommend to others for a few reasons (besides their drool-worth colorways):
As someone that is extremely worried about the general safety and well-being of my pup, Gumbo, using our Litto Howler gear gives me ease of mind for small and big adventures! I have had gear break in the past, and LH has been consistently tried and true! 
Besides safety, I really admire the work the Jess, Isak, and the whole team put into their rope gear! They have amazing programs with their Reps to provide foster families with safe gear and make a commitment to sustainable gear and practices! I love knowing I never have to buy another leash again because they will make repairs and replacements for you! Obviously, I still buy more to support an amazing small business and collect all the colors."
- Simone + Gumbo (@gumbo.the.frenchie)

“Before we brought Neptune home, I was conscious of his health and safety. While I knew there were ‘cheap’ brands of dog gear out there, I figured it would be obvious to spot the unsafe gear from the safe. We bought a decently priced leash from our local pet store. We even tested it ourselves - I held it as dog dad pulled on it, we played with the clasp, evaluated the stitching, and everything seemed fine. That is until we were on a walk and the clasp broke, untethering Neptune from me. It was every dog parent’s worst feeling - I felt so guilty because I had failed to keep him safe. I had found Litto Howler before and delayed ordering, saying I would place an order once I had a little extra money in my account. When the winter drop happened a few days later I immediately placed my order. Ever since having our Litto Howler leashes and slip collars I have never once worried about his safety. All in all, I cannot recommend Litto Howler enough for their commitment to keeping our dogs safe while creating a positive impact in numerous communities and upholding sustainable and ethical business practices.”
- Katie + Neptune (@neptuneinorbit)

“What first drew us to Litto Howler is the security and safety the products offer - our Shiba, Shiro, is a rescue and was labeled as an “escape artist” by the shelter so we figured it was time to invest in the safest dog leash on the planet! We are absolutely obsessed with the durability and the certainty that our escape artist pup won’t be able to Houdini his way out! Our leashes have maintained their integrity after being dragged through mud or rocky trails & scraped on different surfaces when used for tethering. 
The craftsmanship of each and every Litto Howler products shows the pride they take in their work! There may be other companies out there that have poached (& are shamelessly profiting from) the Litto Howler original designs but you can’t get the same production to end-user experience from anywhere else. Knowing Jess, Isak, & Kayla have the intention of giving you the best product they can make and it’s items they use with their own pups is very much appreciated!”
- Wynona + Ryan + Duncan + Shiro (@duncanddonuts)