Kouten Leash
Kouten Leash
Kouten Leash
Ranger Green
Mojave Orange
Kouten Leash
Kouten Leash
Kouten Leash
Kouten Leash

Kouten Leash

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Style #L107

  • Handmade upon order
  • Quality Rock Climbing Rope 
  • 10mm Black | 10mm Ranger Green | 10mm Mojave Orange  | 10mm Red Rock | 10mm Glacier Ice | 7mm Black Ice | 7mm Arctic Ice
  • Oxide Metal "O"-Ring 
  • Bears Force of 500 kg
  • Leash measures from handle, all the way to end of carabiner 
  • This is not a Double-Leash. This is a single leash for ONE dog in which the two  carabiners individually clip to the harness and the collar. You can clip the shorter piece to whichever gear you want the leash pressure on, in which the longer piece will have slack 
  • Unfortunately too many dogs can slip out of their harness and collars. This leash creates the perfect back-up in a situation where your dog has gotten out of either their harness or collar
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner
    -Lightweight weight only 24 g
    - Made of Aviation Aluminum
    - Auto-Lock will prevent accidents on carabiner opening by itself
    - Swivel attached so the rope doesn't coil.