Rope Slip Collar
Rope Slip Collar
Rope Slip Collar
Rope Slip Collar
Rope Slip Collar

Rope Slip Collar

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Style #RSC100

  • Measure the widest part of your dog's head (see photo) with a tape measure. This is usually right above the ears for dogs with floppy ears, and right behind or where the ears are for dogs with pointy ears. Slide on and off the head to ensure it is smooth, and isn't too tight on dog's ears
  • Please make sure it slide on and off the head easily and smoothly, as it needs more wiggle room when taking off the head than on because of the ears
  • Once you make your Rope Slip Collar order, please email: with a photo of your dog's head measurement so that we can make sure it's correct to ensure and produce the correct size product
  • Handmade upon order with the same rope Litto Howler's leashes are made of
  • Double-stacked 10mm rock-climbing rope
  • 10mm Black | 10mm Ranger Green | 10mm Mojave Orange | 10mm Red Rock
  • Oxide Metal "O"- Ring 
  • For sizes larger than 25 Inches, please contact us at