Pliny Slip-Drag Leash - Kaleidoscope
Pliny Slip-Drag Leash - Kaleidoscope
Pliny Slip-Drag Leash - Kaleidoscope
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Pliny Slip-Drag Leash - Kaleidoscope

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Style #G118

  • 100% of the profits from all Rope Leashes/Rope Accessories purchased in the Kaleidoscope Rope will be donated to @Deaf Queer
  • Handmade upon order
  • Quality Rock Climbing Rope 
  • 10mm Kaleidoscope
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner
  • - Lightweight weight only 24 g
    - Made of Aviation Aluminum 
    - Auto-Lock will prevent accidents on carabiner opening by itself 
  • Hybrid of the Peyto Drag Leash + Bishop Slip Lead
  • Great for recall training and safety
  • Easy to grab and get hold of your dog
  • Real rock-climbing rope that's durable for all your adventures 
  • Easy and comforting to let the leash drag on the floor without having to worry about a leash handle getting caught on anything
  • High quality rubber silicone stopper on the slip that has ultra strong grip
  • The slip lead is ideal for leash pressure training
  • A great leash to keep on the pup when training at home
  • Since this is a slip style leash, it is measured in its entirety of the rope not counting the loop part of the slip collar. If you want a 2 FT Slip-Drag Leash, you'd want to get a 3 FT, and if you want a 5 FT Slip-Drag Leah, you'd actually want to get a 6 FT, etc. It measures about 0.5 FT - 1 FT when looped around the dog's neck.