Leash Handle - Kaleidoscope
Leash Handle - Kaleidoscope

Leash Handle - Kaleidoscope

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Style #L110

  • 100% of the profits from all Rope Leashes/Rope Accessories purchased in the Kaleidoscope Rope will be donated to @Deaf Queer
  • Disclaimer: This Leash Handle only works if you already have the Kubo Multi-Leash, Kobe Multi-Traffic Lead, Kenzo Connector, or Kiko City Leash. This is just an attachment, and does not work as a leash like the Monte Traffic Lead. 
  • Extra Leash Handle is a perfect addition to the Kubo Multi-Leash
  • Oxide Metal "O"- Ring 
  • Swivel attached for no coiling of the rope and no tangles
  • Quality Rock Climbing Rope 
  • 10mm Kaleidoscope